French Net Market Bag (multiple colors)


Lightweight, durable and practical, these famous cotton net bags make wonderful reusable shopping bags. Compact enough so you can easily fold them up into your purse, they are also expandable and super sturdy so they stretch out to fit a wide variety of goods. Plus they have long handles so you can wear them over your shoulder. It is definitely time to ditch single-use plastic bags!

They are entirely produced in France and each bag has the name of the seamstress that sewed it on the label.

French manufacturer Filt is based in Normady and has been making woven cotton bags, fishing nets, ropes, candle wicks and other woven cotton goods since 1860. Their bags, also called filets, are perfect for everyday errands and adventures alike.  

"Exigez l'authentique filet Filt !" (Demand the authentic net bag!)

Material: 100% cotton (machine washable)

Size: 15.75" x 15.75"


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