Ma Belle Provence is a tribute to the Earth, a project of love and passion, an inspiration to get back to basics.

Each product is carefully handpicked as a way to recreate the ambiance you would find in a French farmhouse in Provence.

We strive to only bring you high-quality finds that are crafted by artisans who use traditional methods and, most importantly, love.

A true sensory experience where earth tones and botanical motifs bring the outdoors in while the fragrant lavender fields gently sway in the distance and the sweet aroma of honey fills the air. 

Each maker with a story to tell, each piece meant to be timeless.

Rustic, authentic, yet charming and elegant in its natural beauty.

That is my Provence. 


A little bit about me

I remember fondly my childhood in Provence. From the sun peeking through the sage green shutters, to the crisp morning air filled with the fresh scent of pine needles and the soft rhythmic song of the much loved cicadas, how could I not be in awe of such natural beauty. It was everywhere. 

I was raised in a small town called Cavaillon, famous for its cantaloupe (“melon de Cavaillon”), and I learned from a young age to appreciate life and all of its treasures. Our home was perched in the Luberon which lent itself to many expeditions with my father through the pine tree and cedar forests searching for snails, mushrooms and berries. I would pick aromatic leaves and flowers along the way to concoct my own fragrances that I would then mix in old perfume bottles. Market day was a delight as my mother, who loved sewing, would take me to pick out fabrics all the while teaching me about textures, colors, materials and, of course, fashion. The colorful displays were a sight to behold.

After living in the South of France for a number of years, our travels took us around the Mediterranean region to the Spanish Costa Blanca, the mesmerizing country of Morocco and eventually the United States, which I now call home. All this added depth and richness to our heritage which I was honored to share for many years as a French and Spanish language coach.

I now live in Florida with my wonderful husband who is originally from the Dominican Republic and our precious daughters, Inaya and Anaïs.

Ma Belle Provence is a new adventure, born from a desire to share a way of living, bringing old-world craftsmanship back into our lives so we can savor each treasure, with gratitude and respect for our beautiful Earth.

Bon Voyage!

Lise Ramirez Daveux 

Owner of Ma Belle Provence