Ma Belle Provence

Lavender Wands


These lavender wands are handcrafted one by one in the heart of Provence when the lavender is in bloom, from June to September. The freshly cut stems are made into small bouquets, then, with the lavender heads upside down, the stems are gently folded over the fresh flowers. Finally, the satin ribbon is woven between the lavender stems using an over-under pattern, encasing the lavender flowers in the ribbon.

The crafting of lavender wands is an old Provençal tradition that dates back to the 18th century. They used to be placed in wardrobes to perfume linens and protect it from moths. They are also a symbol of love and happiness and are often given as wedding gifts. You will no doubt fall in love with this unique work of art and find ways to display it in your home to add a beautiful touch of Provence.

Lavender wands retain their natural scent for years. To revive its delicate lavender perfume, you can simply squeeze firmly the woven part which will release the essential oil from the lavender flowers. After a while, you can also add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the wand.

Size: approximately 10"


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