Clement Faugier

Sweet Vanilla Chestnut Spread


This delicious gourmet spread is a French classic. Also known as Chestnut jam, it goes by various names in French: "confiture de marrons", "confiture de chataîgnes", and "crème de marrons". I personally find it to die for.

Thick and creamy, sweet and earthy, it is unlike anything you've had before. Swirl it into Greek yogurt (my favorite) or any other type of plain yogurt just like you would pumpkin butter. You could also use this Fall favorite as an ice cream or "crêpe" topping, use it to flavor whipped cream or work its magic into homemade cookies and cakes.

It comes in a generous can and is made in Ardèche, Southwestern France, by Clément Faugier, famous candied-chestnut factory since 1882.

Ingredients: Chesnuts, sugar, glucose syrup, crushed candied marrons (marrons, sugar, glucose syrup, vanilla natural flavor), water, vanilla natural flavor.

Size: 496 g / 17.5 oz

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