Le Chatelard

Provence Lavender Sachet


These lavender sachets, made by Le Chatelard, are filled with dried lavender flowers harvested in the heart of Provence. They are just so beautiful and fragrant. 

Le Chatelard built its first farm in 1802 by the village of Saint-Auban in the "Drôme Provencal", the northern gateway to Provence. Since then, they have been harvesting French lavender and sharing their "savoir-faire" in an effort to promote their ancestral craft. Today, Le Chatelard makes an array of lavender products, ranging from soaps to candles and other lavender-scented products for the home.

These sachets are so versatile. They can be placed in your closet or drawers and will add a wonderful scent of lavender to your clothes or bedding. You can also place one in your car to keep it smelling nice and fresh. They will keep their scent for a long time but you can also gently squeeze them from time to time to release their delicate natural fragrance or even add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil to accentuate the scent. 

They would make wonderful party favors as you can easily personalize them with stickers or ribbons.

Please note: these sachets come in assorted fabric patterns (see pictures) so no two are exactly alike. 

Size: 0.6oz


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