Les Bouquets du Ventoux

Organic lavender sachet


These fragrant cotton sachets, filled with fine organic lavender flowers, are created in a little workshop in the town of Sault in Provence. They are made with organic lavandula angustifolia, a lavender variety known for its unique deep clue color and outstanding perfume. It is harvested at an altitude of over 800 meters on the rugged slopes of Mont Ventoux.

For more than three generations, Nadège & Johann Vervin are faithfully carrying on a tradition started by their grandfather, Colbert Reynard, who planted his first lavender on the family farm. Only the harvest, previously carried out by hand, has now had to be mechanized in order to enable the sixty hectares of fine AOP lavender to be well managed.

These large sachets are perfect to add a touch of natural lavender fragrance to your linen closet, wardrobe and clothes drawers. They are also natural moth repellents.

Content: Dried lavender flowers (lavandula angustifolia)

Size: 1.7 oz 


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