Delices du Luberon

Garlic Mayonnaise


The name "Aïoli" means "garlic and oil" in Provençal. It is a zesty mayonnaise made with garlic and oil as well as a hint of mustard and lemon juice. 

I always make sure to have one in my fridge as it is a perfect base for a tasty salad dressing! It also goes really well with any type of bread as a sandwich spread. Try it on burgers, ciabatta paninis or flatbread! Yummy!

French people love to use it as a topping for steamed or boiled potatoes. It is our version of 'baked potatoes with sour cream'. It also pairs well with any kind of grilled fish, seafood and vegetable dish.

This chili mayonnaise is made by "les Délices du Luberon", a family-run manufacturer located in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue that specializes in Provençal cooking and authentic Mediterranean flavors.

Ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Water, Olive Oil (11%), Egg Yolk, Garlic (10%), Mustard, Wine Vinegar, Salt, Fish Aroma (Fish, Celery), Transformed Starch, Concentrated Lemon Juice,Guar, Flour, Xanthane, White Pepper.

Size: 90 g / 3.1 oz

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