Nicolas Alziari

Cuvée Prestige Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin


Established in Nice since 1868, Nicolas Alziari is one of the most important French olive-growers. This manufacture elaborates many grands crus and revolutionizes the world of olive oil by creating exceptional blends selecting unique varieties in forgotten terroirs.

This gourmet extra virgin olive oil comes from the harvest of the year. It is a stunning vintage that is extracted cold and has made the fame of the historic Nicolas Alziari mill. Its taste is rather fruity, with light notes of mango, artichokes and hazelnut and a subtle almond aroma. The olive variety used is a secret recipe jealously guarded for over 100 years.

Perfect drizzled over salads and crudités, it also pairs very well with fish and fresh pasta dishes. 

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Size: 500 ml/ 16.9 oz

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