La trinquelinette

Blackcurrant (Cassis) Jam


Made in small batches in the village of Trinquelin, near Burgundy, this vibrant blackcurrant jam is packed with flavor thanks to its very high ratio of fruit, unlike most commercially-made jams and preserves. Cooked the old-fashioned way in a copper pot, this delicious jam is a must this season!

Perfect as a pancake or "crêpe" topping, or as a tasty breakfast spread on your favorite toast or bagel, you can also use it in a variety of recipes as a delicious glaze or work it in your favorite desserts!  

La Trinquelinette was founded in 1982 on a family farm and it is a favorite among French celebrities, or so I've heard...

Ingredients: Blakcurrants (55%), brown sugar (45%), pectin. 

Size: 13.2 oz

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